The Past:
Ancient Egypt, Archaeology,
Mysterious & Unexplained

Any of these topics is a vast field. 
The links given here are a very small portion of  what's available on line.
Out side the web I highly recomend you visit your public libray for more infomation.

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The Ancient Egypt Site 
Scared Text: Ancient Egypt

Guardian's Egypt
Prehistory Internet Links
7 Wonders of the Ancient World
Virtual - Egypt
Ancient Mysteries News Zecharia Stichin's Official Website
Science & Technology Odysse 20000 BC-1800 AD
(The World of the
Mysterious & Unexpalined)
Doug's Archaeology Site
(Archaeological/Skeptical Resources, Critiques
of cult archaeology)
Ancient Worlds
(Egypt, Rome, Athens, Babylon,
Celtia, Germania, MachuPicchu)
Ancient Artifacts
(10 of the most Puzzling)
Ancient Egypt
(The British Museum)
Stone Age Mystery:
(Whatever happened to the Neandertals?)
(Pyramids / Excavations)
Dinosaur Time Gallery
(Wolly Mammoth,
Ice Age Animals)
Ancient World Web
(Archaeoastronomy, bibical,
megaliths & underwater)
The Talk. Origins Archive:
(Exploring the Creation/Evolution/Intelligent
Deisgn Controversy)
The Platue
(The official Web site of 
Dr. Zahi Hawass)
National Geographic
(When did Modern Behavior
Emerge in Humans?)